Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Just a little crazy

Have you ever questioned your mental state? Have you ever been utterly convinced that you may be headed for the loony bin? Have you ever felt neurotic or anxious? If you answered yes to any of these questions then maybe you can relate to what I am about to tell you.

A few days before we were due to leave to Dubai I realized I lost my driver’s license. I made plans to issue a new one with the ROP the next morning only to come home and find my license laying in another wallet- a wallet I haven’t used for over a month. I drove without a license for a month. Cursing myself for being a forgetful idiot, I put my license down on the dining table and ten minutes later I was looking for it again. I turned the house upside down and Alex was franticly helping me look for a license I had just a few minutes ago! I found it in the garbage bin. I threw it out together with some scrap paper and a telephone card wrapper when I was cleaning the dining table- except I don’t remember any of this. It was pure luck that I decided to check the dumpster and recover my driver’s license. Mumbling “I need a vacation” I shoved the license back into my wallet.

Fast-forward exactly 5 days.

Returning from our vacation rested and relaxed I went on with my days as usual. I went to work, came home, cooked dinner, watered the plans, watched TV, cleaned up the house and… threw out 100 rials (250USD). Into the garbage bin. Earlier that evening the money was safely enclosed in an envelope with good reason and apparently the envelope was in the way of what-ever-I-was-doing. The next morning all hell broke loose when I could not locate the money. Not bothering to check drawers, wallets or pockets I went straight for the garbage bin. And there it was under apple peels and cigarette buds-my cherished envelope. I would surely remember throwing out such a valuable item you say? Well, no I don’t remember any of it.

I told my parents, Alex and my closest friends about this incident. My mom told me to learn to put things away on the spot, my husband told me to NEVER EVER go near the garbage bin again and C told me to Google my illness. I must admit I now look twice at what I am throwing away but somehow I am convinced that I may require professional help and that this “feeding-the-garbage-bin-monster-my valuable-possessions” scheme are just the beginning of bigger things to come…

Any tips for the crazy lady?


  1. well, since googling the illness didnt help, i say you need a LONGER vacation. OR, you could change your bin and make it one of those environmentally friendly ones, then you HAVE to think twice...does this go with with paper? the plastic? OH WAIT THATS MONEY! :P

  2. Googling the illness didnt help because IT DOESNT EXIST! A longer vacation is a luxury that I dont even dare dream about. I would like a vacation where I am not an emotionall mess 24/7. Huh?
    Which bin would my lisence go into? Paper or plastic?

  3. You just need a vacation, honey... Far away on some beautiful island :) without wallets, driving license and money :)

  4. Well, Hon.... You remind me of my beloved husband. hehehehehe But I am glad that you guys found everything. In our case, we never do. Credit cards, PSP, wedding band (Levi now has the second one), and lots of other things that Levi lost and we will never get back. lol So, your story has a happy ending. hahahaha My husband pretty much keeps all the important things locked up in the box. hahahaha I ask him why you dont wear watches and bracelet I got you. He said, I am so scared I am gonna loose them too, so they are locked up. hahahaha But yes, I agree, you just needed vacation and relaxation, Sweetie!

  5. I became very clumsy, forgetful and did completely bizarre things when I was pregnant....?
    Only saying....! X
    (Mind you, I wouldn't have needed my driver's license when I was, as Andrew refused to let me drive 6 weeks in as I was so clumsy!)

  6. @Yuliya- I probably won't be relaxed on a remote island, you know I always need to organizing smt or making lists or making sure everyone had their breakfast :)
    @Vera- I don't think I can keep important thing sin a box, I cant even begin to tell you how many times I put things someplace "safe" and never saw them again!
    @Kathryn- :) umm..no. definetly not. I dont think so. lolz. :)