Friday, November 12, 2010

Compulsory Eid Fun

Having enjoyed a few consecutive weekends of random outings, get-togethers and partying into the dawn- I am seriously looking forward to the holidays. But not so that I can enjoy snoozing till 11, no on the contrary… I will at my busiest yet!

Luckily I have been able to make use of the PH and take a few days off work, a much needed arrangement as we are having a special guest visit us! A good friend of mine is travelling here from Kuwait- and is eager to explore the Sultanate. Hence from Monday to Friday I will implement the itinerary I have so eagerly worked on over the last week. It includes a fusion of pampering, fine dining, cultural exploring, natural wonders and of course- the best of what “night life” in Oman has to offer.

Being the controlling, obsessive, over the top organized person-that I tend to be in similar situations- I have literally put together an excel sheet of “activities” that we have planned for these 4 days. I call it my “compulsory fun” schedule. I have sent it over for my friend’s approval- she was seriously impressed (or at least made me believe so!). Now, this hectic adventure is going to include everything from Dr. Fish Spa, lounging by the pool at the Hyatt, doing tequila shots in Trader Vicks to gawping at the immense wonders that The Ras Al Had Turtle Resort has to offer. There is of course snorkeling, a trip to Nizwa and a city tour and shopping in the schedule too. Oh did I mention we have only 4 days to do all this?

The husband did not object to anything on the list (especially the dune bashing in Boashar) and did not question my “ability” to survive on the 5 hours of sleep that I have penciled into the excel sheet. Alex knows that I am capable of cramming a month worth of impressions, expressions and experiences into a few dozen hours of holidays. Knowledge gained from our recent annual leave back to Uzbekistan!

Nevertheless, she is arriving in about 36 hrs, and I am eager to make her stay special and unforgettable! I figured to really grasp the cultural essence of Muscat you need to see the following:
• The Sultan Qaboos Grand Mosque (to enjoy a guided tour through the beautiful grounds into the Mosque itself, the only Mosque in Oman open to non-Muslims. The Mosque is also home to the largest Swarovski chandelier in the world.)
• Mutrah Souq- which offers a variety of bargains including frankincense, hand woven pashminas, antique silver jewelry and other gems at affordable prices.
• The Sultans Palace (do I need to explain this one?)
• The Mutrah Cornish (for the gorgeous sights of the port, rugged mountains and turquoise waters)
• Nizwa Fort and Silver Souq (because everyone who visits Oman goes to Nizwa at least once!)
• Ras Al Had Turtle beach ( I was awe struck at the majestic abilities of Mother Nature, and the stages that the gigantic green sea turtles go through to lay their tiny eggs- a must see!)
• Dolphin Watching and Snorkeling (who would miss a chance to see 50+ dolphins leap over 6 meters into the air, all around your yacht? Or swim with a sea turtle over coral reefs?)

Since Kuwait is infamously known to be strict on alcohol availability as well as places to enjoy the latter, one of the main aims of this visit is to catch up on the much needed essencial-20-something-entertainment. I know we all complain of the lack of “night-life” in Oman, we do only have only a handful of places to go to on the weekends- but serious- Kuwait has NOTHING! Dear Friends, let's not take for granted the Tika Puka Puka at Traders, or the Strawberry Mojito at Left Bank! These and many more are to be enjoyed when we are not eating Sushi, taking pictures of hatching baby turtles or when we are getting our toes devoured at Dr. Fish. It may seem that I have gone overboard with the planning, I will admit I have already stocked up on red bulls and chocolate to keep us going, but isn’t going overboard the decent thing to do when you are showing off a country you love to a person who deserves only the very best of what it has to offer?

To end this babble, here is a conversation from Friends (yet again) that I can absolutely relate to this week:
  • Monica: I need you at the rehearsal dinner tonight at 1800 hours.
  • Phoebe: Uh huh. Okay. What time is that?
  • Monica: You don't know military time?
  • Phoebe: Why, I must have been in missile training the day they taught that.
  • Monica: Just subtract twelve.
  • Phoebe: Okay, so... 1800 minus twelve is... one thousand, seven hundred and...
  • Monica: Six o'clock!
Tomorrow at 1200 hours I will be picking up Yulya at the airport…I hope she knows military time :)


  1. Enjoy your friend's visit here...sounds like you will all have an AWESOME and sleepless 4 days :)

  2. Thanks Delirious! We had an amazing time! Didnt get to do most of what was planned, but nevertheless it was a week to remember!